Get Your PLAUD Intelligence Today!

Get Your PLAUD Intelligence Today!

Why settle for less when you can have more? With over 15+ professional summarization templates and support for 57 languages, PLAUD NOTE offers an affordable but powerful note-taking solution for users who want to have intelligence with great flexibility and reliability.

PLAUD NOTE: A Tried-and-True Solution For AI Note-Taking

As the world's first GPT-4o empowered AI voice recorder, PLAUD NOTE provides an alternative affordable but powerful note-taking solution for users who want to have intelligence with great flexibility and reliability.

Imagine having access to over 15 professional summarization templates right at your fingertips, with the added flexibility of creating custom ones. With PLAUD NOTE, your notes aren’t just notes; they’re high-quality summaries tailored to your exact needs.

Proven Features vs. iOS 18 Beta Promises

It is designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily communication tools. Whether you’re having a Face-to-Face meeting, on a Phone call, or WhatsApp/Zoom/Google Meeting, PLAUD NOTE has got you covered. You can choose to notify the other party about the recording based on local regulations and your preferences.

To elevate your efficiency, PLAUD AI crafted every feature with your needs in mind. The features don’t end at recording and transcription, it enhances your workflow with powerful tools like editable transcriptions and summaries, export options in various formats, and AI-generated mind maps. Plus, it works effortlessly across all your devices – from Android to iOS – ensuring that your recordings are always reliable and uninterrupted. 

Choose PLAUD NOTE if You:


Need an independent and reliable recording device without unexpected interruptions, and one-press-record without lengthy processes;


Use multiple ways to record conversations: Face-to-Face, Phone calls, Online Conferences, WhatsApp call, etc.


Expect 15+ professional summarization templates;


Expect enhanced features to boost your workflow: edit transcriptions and summaries, export in different formats, AI-generated mind maps etc.;


Expect a wide range of language inputs for 57 languages;


Expect a lasting battery life(of 30 hours continuous recording);


Use non-AI phones or iPhones before 15 pro;

We Care About Privacy

At PLAUD.AI, we prioritize your privacy and strive to protect it at every step. Our technology is designed to ensure that your personal information remains secure and confidential, leveraging advanced on-device processing and secure cloud computing.

PLAUD.AI is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security for our users. We continually update our practices and technology to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Ultimate Data Security Your data is encrypted Your data is anonymized Your data will never be sold
Ultimate Data Security : Your data is encrypted, anonymized and will never be sold


Founded in 2023, PLAUD.AI develops AI devices and AI agents to perform as AI business partners for individuals and businesses to achieve the most, with the mission: Connect AI with Real Life . Its first product, the  PLAUD NOTE , trusted by over 100,000 users globally. To learn more about PLAUD.AI, please visit