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Embracing the Future: How AI Power Tools Can Transform Your Study Habits

The Rise of AI in Education has paved the way for innovative learning techniques and enhanced study habits.
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Introducing PLAUD WEB: All-in-One Page for Easy Management

Gone are the days of relying solely on mobile devices. PLAUD.AI has expanded its capabilities with the launch of PLAUD WEB, now available on PCs.
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Celebrate Multiple Accolades: PLAUD NOTE Wins The Red Dot And iF Design Awards

This year of 2024, PLAUD NOTE AI Voice Recorder celebrated dual achievements at the prestigious Red Dot Award and iF DESIGN Award for its extensive product design.
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Your Go-To AI Voice Recorder PLAUD NOTE Just Cracks $10 Million In Sales

This milestone isn’t just a win; it’s the start of what’s next, keep tuned!