How to transcribe?

Welcome to this informative guide on how to harness the power of PLAUD NOTE's transcription feature. With our cutting-edge AI technology, transcribing your audio files has never been easier.

Here's how to do it with precision:
1. Connect your device to the PLAUD app to sync your audio file.
2. Select the audio files you want to transcribe directly within the app.
3. Tap Transcribe, confirm to start the AI transcription, which typically takes a fraction of your audio file's length.

4. Open the transcript and make any necessary edits or corrections.

5. Export the finalized transcript as a text file or effortlessly share it with your colleagues.

Let PLAUD's advanced AI do the heavy lifting of transcription while you focus on more important tasks. Say goodbye to manual busywork and embrace productivity like never before! Ready to save time and enhance your workflow?

Get started with PLAUD NOTE today!